Artist bio & exhibitions

Born in Seattle, Phil Haddock studied philosophy and history in West Berlin and has worked in Italy as a translator and copywriter for many years. Today he works with hybrid forms across a range of disciplines from ceramics and sculpture to silkscreen, photography and language as a material and as a medium/fiction).  Relatively recent work presents objects from past projects in layered photos. Current projects involve the use of wooden lettering from an obsolete Italian print shop for totem-like, two-faced sculptural objects (Spooks). Phil lives and works in Milan, Italy. 


Video from my solo show at the Konzertgalerie Maison44  in Basel, Switzerland. 

Group show: Konzertgalerie Maison44, Basel, Switzerland, December 4-18, 2022

Italian press release from the Centro dell'Incisione gallery in Milan, and a short version in English. Most of the info in the Italian release can be found in English in the Q&A on this site.